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Eggs and more

From farm to door

We mean it when we say 'ethical eggs, where welfare matters'

Want delicious, free-range farm eggs delivered straight to your door?

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Or how about locally sourced products, supporting our local small businesses? Straight to you, hassle free.

Butcher quality Northumbrian sausage & bacon

Perfect with those fresh eggs!

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The freshest fruit and veg boxes

Sourced every morning from the wholesale fruit and veg market. Because we value fresh products and we know you do too.

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Or how about a sweet treat?

From 'posh' popcorn & fabulous fudge, to gourmet chocolate & shortbread. We've got your sweet cravings covered. So go on, treat yourself.


Shop local from the comfort of your own home.

We're constantly adding new products for you to enjoy & we're proud to support our small local producers. You can help to. All you need to do is click to order and relax.

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Farmed with love

Our hens are the real stars & we know that happy hens, make tasty eggs. Simple.

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Fantastic service. Wonderful eggs. Will definitely use them again.


I love being able to support local businesses despite not having a car to travel to collect my orders.


The best eggs - always super fresh and very tasty!