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Your Pictures

We know you love our eggs as much as we do. So we love to see what you've made with them. Thanks for sharing. 
Tony - "Special Mother's Day breakfast... eggs Benedict. Safe to say we'll be ordering more eggs!"
Kay - "A Mothers Day cake, home made with your Homemade Lemon Curd"
Anu Maarit
Anu  - "Poached eggs & avocado on a bun 😋"
Katy Donnelly
Katy  - "Portuguese Tarts"
Amy Llewellyn
Amy  - "Chorizo, pepper and potato hash 😋😋😋"
Gail  - "My Yorkshire puddings"
Jacqueline Savage
Jacqueline - "One of the best things to do with eggs . Fried egg sarnie! The yolks in your eggs are the best."
Phyll Thorman
Phyll  - "In celebration of my friend getting her vaccine! Cheese scones no less using... nothing but the best!"
Dawn Parsons
Dawn - "Made a cake for the first time in years!"
Richard - "That yolk!"
Nikki Todhunter
Nikki - "Pear, almond and cardamom loaf 😀"
Sarah Compton
Sarah - "Fluffy pancakes 🥞 😋" 
Phyll - "Banana Loaf and Cookies using your eggs AND Hot Chocolate Nibs"
Craig Gordon Barrack - "Eggs Florentine with homemade English Muffins"
"Spooky Meringue Ghosts!"