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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Olive Oil "Best Before" date establishes the period of time in which the oil maintains its flavours and scents in perfect condition and once passed this date it will likely lose some of its potent antioxidant properties, but is not unsafe to consume.

Due to the loss of summer and Christmas markets at which this excellent oil would usually sell, this years stock of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been retained much longer than expected. It is unlikely that we will be able to obtain another batch of this oil this year, so get it while you still can.


The Olive Store

“Here at The Olive Store, we pride ourselves in providing the best tasting Spanish Olives, Capers, Olive Oil, Gherkins, and Hand Carved Iberico Hams, hand selected by Dr Olive himself (Michael). We are sure you'll enjoy the taste!”

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Made using Spain's Picual Olives. A fresh-tasting premium extra virgin olive oil, great for finishing, salads and dipping with rustic bread. The olives are picked, pressed and processed on the first day of the harvest, within 24 hours of being on the tree.
This oil is as fresh as you can possibly get; it is pure, fresh, olive juice.

This oil is an outstanding product and took second place in the world from the international olive oil committee 2017. 

The standard bottle size is 250ml with dark black glass.