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40k Collection

40k Collection

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"For some, the soft drink they choose is merely an inevitable something that they have to indulge in every-now-and-then, but for some, it is a non-negotiable deal breaker, the climax of a lengthy search for refreshment. For us, it’s everything."

Two humble lads from the North East, 

Dan and Kieran, decided something was missing in the soft drinks market. Something honest, simple and all-natural - 40 Kola is new, exciting, sustainable, and bringing people together.

 40Kola is always refreshing enough to be enjoyed as a drink in its own right, but we also found that it makes a pretty damn good mixer after experimenting with a tipple or two.


1 Bottle of 40Kola 275ML

40mg caffeine, 40 Kola

You’ve got the zest of cola with a helpful hit of caffeine, think of the lift you get from your espresso, without any actual coffee, or a nasty aftertaste. Those essential 40 milligrams are what we consider to be the most important part. There’s no tricks, gimmicks or cover-ups, we are what we say we are; an all-natural, honest drink. We’ve removed everything artificial including the caramel contained in standard colas.


1 Bottle of 40Kola Blood Orange & Rose 275ML

A refreshing concoction, this drink pairs the sweetness from real blood orange juice with a smooth and subtle floral rose undertone, taking your mouth straight to beverage bliss.


1 Bottle of 40Kola Lemon & Lime 275ML

Real lemon juice, all-natural flavourings and unrefined cane sugar have been brought together with a hint of zingy lime for the ultimate feel good party inside a bottle. All that’s left for you to do, is join in.